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104 Bancroft Vevi Travel

1732 South Baptiste Lake Road

RR 2, Bancroft, ON  K0L 1C0


Nancy Williamson

Full service travel agency-24 years serving Bancroft & surrounding area. Specializing in Cruises, River Cruising & Seniors Packages. Book your own all inclusive packages, airfare & insurance, easily found and bookable on website. Free Weddings & Niche Travel offered – Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu & South Pacific.



Bridging Dimensions

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Highland Wilderness Tours

(See “Outdoor & Recreation” #94)


105 South Algonquin Trails

4378 Elephant Lake Rd.

Harcourt, ON  K0L 1X0


Tammy Donaldson

Adventure Tours and Horse Rides. Come trail ride with us in Algonquin Provincial Park! ½,1,2,3,or 4 hour rides, overnights, 3-day rides and Summer morning saddle up program/camp. Cabin and round pen also available, if you want to ride your own horses and stay overnight.


106 Spirit of the Waterfalls

5012 Elephant Lake Rd,

Harcourt, ON  K0L 1X0


Experience a customized, guided, shamanic journey through lush South Algonquin forest and along private waterfalls. Merge mesmerizing outer landscapes with your inner landscape. Through hiking and/or horseback riding, ceremony, song, drumming & meditation, disconnect to reconnect with the Magical realms of Nature! Four additional adventurous journeys take place in an ancient cave, a crystal quarry, a sustainable woodlot & old saw mill, or private farms & gardens. They include Spirit of the Trees, Spirit of the Plants, Spirit of the Crystal or Spirit of the Stones. Come Wander!